An Interview-Based Play About Campus Sexual Assault
        Cast: 8W, 7M
        Full-length (with intermission)

        A CEO's Apologetic Tailspin Following a Factory Farm Disaster
        Cast: 1GF (gender flexible - drag encouraged)
        Short Play

WHAT I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU (2013, Denis Johnston Playwriting Prize)
        A Mother-Daughter Memory Play
        Cast: 3W, 1M
        Full-length (no intermission)

        A Site-Specific Play About Sleep, Discomfort, and Comforters
        Cast: 2GF (gender-flexible)

What invited audiences are saying about TRIGGER WARNING:

  • "Even now, just hours after, I'm having trouble fully expressing how much this show means to me. [...] This is masterful storytelling of a dire story. [...] Please know that I am really changed having been at the reading tonight. You have amazed me with how theater can deliver these stories in a striking, true way. Thank you."
    - Clara Rotter-Laitman

  • “It really just raised my level of consciousness. Even though women are more likely to experience sexism and sexual violence, we are just as much a part of our rape culture as men are. This is not to say that I put the responsibility on women to end rape culture and just "rise above", but it just made me wonder if there are any ways in which I—even as a woman and even as a feminist—am unconsciously either promoting or allowing rape culture ideals to continue.”
    - Anonymous

  • “There were many, many images that had incredible power—one was the word "respect." It was especially disorienting and jarring when the assailant kept repeating it - I RESPECT you, I really do."
    - Anonymous

  • “Angie felt like someone I could have been friends with in college.”

  • "I was so thankful to be there today. That was a really extraordinary, frightening, overwhelming, inspiring experience. Please keep me in mind for future iterations. I would love to be a part of it.”
    - James Patrick Nelson

  • "The play was asking me how much are we a part of the system that perpetuates this kind of violence and what are the most progressive and viable ways to reform, assess and heal those involved."
    - Anonymous

  • “I was leaning forward in my chair the whole time—laughing, crying, and gasping."
    - Shayna Strype